Katie Green’s Counseling

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Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling.

Helping people with psychiatric disabilities and addictions stay safe, healthy, and have peace of mind. One session at a time.


Which came first, the depression or the alcohol abuse? What about the anxiety or the Xanax addiction? The question here is why does there seem to be such a social need for this question to be answered with any degree of certainty? Why not address both the anxiety or depression and the substance abuse? Many counselors prefer to address one or the other.

If someone experiencing both depression and alcohol abuse has to pick, that could put their life in danger. Independent of a medically supervised detox, alcohol withdrawal can be fatal for people with high tolerance. But wait, didn’t a healthcare professional just say go take care of depression then get the referral for alcohol treatment? Aren’t there security protocols for people showing up intoxicated to a medical appointment? How does this make sense? It doesn’t.  Through my education I have learned how to effectively manage psychiatric disorders and addictive behaviors.

Get prepared, and have confidence when going into appointments with your psychiatrist, chronic pain specialist, and physician so you may make informed decisions about your health. Get proactive by identifying what patterns are no longer serving you, your health, and your recovery and work towards changing them. Learn how to have honest conversations with those closest to you about what you have already been through. Your story may give someone the map out of their current struggles, and the reassurance they aren’t alone.

Recovery can run in your family, addiction does not need to. Health can run in your family, self medication does not need to. Friendship can replace self-isolation. Stay socially connected, physically distant. Reach out today.


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