“In Sickness and Recovery Support is Necessary”

In Sickness and Recovery Support is Necessary

So, what happens when you wake up and realize that this is not just another morning after waking from a good night sleep but you are waking from being in a coma from six weeks. If you would allow me to share with you for the next few moments or so two major point about my story. Frist of all, if there is any chance of recovery from such an ordeal how important and necessary it is to have a support. My support started much sooner than I even realized, I was told not only was my wife by my side but also other family members, friends, co-worker, and even clergy. After going through these six weeks I woke up and realized not only could I not walk but was confined to a wheelchair for the next two years. Let me further explain why support was critical during this time and yes by far my wife was my biggest pusher and supporter, the pusher in her said to me you have to get up and keep moving while the supporter in her me I will take care of everything else I just need you to get better. During rehabilitation the therapist would say to me “you have to do this for yourself” but I’m here to support you. When it comes to recovery from addiction and or mental illness good support is so necessary for focus, direction, and understanding. While in the process of recovering from addiction and or mental illness, that supporter that has taken on the duty of keeping focus and with good direction is going to be one of the most important persons in your life. This person should not have loyalty to you but to your recovery, loyalty to you will be loyal to what you want and not what you need. Finally understanding, understanding that you’re not going to always do the right thing but understand that it’s to give you a chance to get it right.

Matthew Taylor, AODC, MHRT, CCFP

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